My First Swiss Watch

1BA9AB2D-8741-45A2-96F0-3D6BFC67C48Aon’t know why I haven’t shared this watch before, but it’s my first Swiss watch, which my grandmother gave me when I graduated from high school.

It’s a Tradition, which was a store brand sold at Sears. Inside is a basic 17 jewel movement. I looked it up once. It’s either a Felsa or Fontmelon ebauche. I no longer have a tool for opening up case backs, so I’m unable to open it up to check.

If it looks brand new it’s because I’ve only worn it a handful of times.the links are kind of pinchy. The textured case and integrated bracelet wasn’t the height of style for a teen in the eighties. In fact, given it’s 1970s look, I have to wonder if this watch was a high school graduation gift or a grade eight present. I shall ask my mother and report back.

0723D3DC-0410-45C3-AFD7-AE16C5B36F71At any rate, it was a very generous gift for a grad. For people of her generation, a watch was a big deal — a gift meant to mark a big occasion. And it was very observant of my grandma to know that I would take good care of this timepiece. Another reason I never wore it much is that I didn’t want to wreck it. It did stop at some point from sitting in a drawer for decades, but I had it cleaned about ten years ago and it still keeps good time. And I still have the original case, though it’s a little banged up.

I wonder if she gave my sisters watches too? I will have to ask them and report back.