Snoopy Time

5471CA1E-9CE7-4418-B1E1-703A7F70EE2ELast year, Timex released a limited edition automatic Marlin Flying Ace Snoopy Watch. At the time I hemmed and hawed about buying the watch because I already had a Snoopy watch, I had too many watches in general, and I was trying to curtail my spending. Longe story short, the watch sold out in a day, so I didn’t have to make a decision. I still signed up for a notification in case any more became available. And in the interim I was gifted with a non-Snoopy Marlin.

A couple of weeks ago, a woman I follow on Instagram posted a wrist shot of her wearing the Flying Ace, amd I commented about how I sort of regretted not biting the bullet and buying the watch when I had the chance.

B21A5C34-B61A-49C4-A23E-3AB2DB99F7DFTwo days after that, I got an email from Timex alerting me that the watch was back in stock. Now nothing has changed as far as having too many watches. And my finances are probably even more precarious than a year ago. But I bit bullet this time.

I have no regrets. The watch looks and feels very premium and it has Snoopy on it. My first record was Snoopy and his Royal Guardsmen’s “Red Baron.” The WWI Flying Ace is my favourite Snoopy iteration (followed closely by the vulture). The watch came with a quick switch, Red Wing leather strap but for summer I swapped it out with the Milanese Mesh bracelet that came with the non-Snoooy Marlin.

At the moment, it is bringing me great joy.