Blossoms and Bows

8FEFAA9E-B671-435E-9F62-6BE3E52C38FCI came across a stash of felt that I bought last year to make my own, permanent Remembrances Day Poppy. Since I am running out of art supplies, it’s exciting to uncover a new source of crafting materials.

E4050EF5-0735-4DCE-8AF2-BA1EAE40051EI decided to use this grove to make floral corsages — starting with brooches. Here’s a photo of my original poppy project as well as some trillium prototypes.

8FEFAA9E-B671-435E-9F62-6BE3E52C38FCSince the felt stash also came with pin backs, I’ve also been toying with making bow brooches from the handles of gift bags. Now if I could only get creative with ways to get rid of these projects.