Achievement Unlocked

1DAE4194-FDEF-45CA-AD46-2EDDE96F2651Just as in the Before Times, during the quarantine days I’ve started a lot of projects and then put them aside as soon as something else catches my fancy. But this week I’m dedicating myself to finishing things.

My proudest achievement is finally signing off on this pillow case made of swag bag ribbons. I originally conceived of this project in 1995 but only began executing it back in April. I finished it on Sunday.

AE5DCD9B-9A03-407C-8840-91AE6EDBAEFBAnother thing I started in the early days of lockdown is this colouring page by the artist Christi Belcourt.

And lastly, I found a bag of plastic leaves and acorns in the sidewalk last month with the intention of making some Deco-influenced charm bracelets and necklaces.

Procrastination was only part of my problem, I was lacking the findings I needed to attach the baubles to the chains. I’m trying to make stuff with the goods I’ve got on hand but I needed wire that I could heat up and sink into the plastic. On Sunday, I found a jewellery making kit at the Dollarama that had the metal bits that I needed.

I was able to make a bracelet and a necklace before my lighter ran out of fluid, so I’m sidelined again.