Out Making

1EDD9413-7525-472B-99B9-FACF9BBB52E9Now it’s time to share some of the things I’ve been making this week.  My goal is to use only materials that are already in our house. Please note that these are prototypes for ideas that I’ve been sitting on for a long time. They still require refinement.

9C09FF9E-E544-42CF-8AB3-BEB4B2B388A5In fact, I’ve already apart taken the cloud and rainbow necklace that I made for Pride and repurposed it as a brooch. The proportions were just off.

00D30722-D9ED-4C78-9FEA-B2206AECEEBFThis felt flower hair clip is more successful but I when I make more, I will do them in brighter colours.


And this laminated collage collar is promising. Here I used antique astrology images that I printed off the internet and coloured in with pencil crayon. The shape of the collar is a little off and when it’s time for a do-over I will either collage the pictures out of an old book or draw them myself so that they look sharper.