Sidewalk Shop

587932D0-EB69-48BF-8DB5-4C2ACB474981I had a busy week. I even worked (trying to hustle for work) on Canada Day. Perilous employment during the pandemic takes a mental and physical toll, however. So this weekend I let myself be a little lazy. Some friends dropped by for physically distant visits and I honestly feel reborn!

Originally, I planned on part two of our apartment purge. The charity donation boxes were closed for months so a lot of the things we’ve purged have not actually left out house. So I was going to leave them on the lawn in a “free” box. Instead, I actually came home with other people’s cast offs.

7C648F11-A323-48D8-8CB0-8FE3D0D77FE0I got two pieces of art: A digital print called “Flying Control” by artist American photographer Jennifer O’Meara and a painting on paper called “Modern Geisha” by an artist whose signature I can’t decipher.

E0E26B3C-CB68-41DA-8EAC-4E72A7E77644I also found a nice little coffee table so that we can entertain on our little patio. It’s sturdy but the top is stained. I think it has a veneer finish so instead of refinishing it, I might attempt to do a mosaic top and then try to sell it off in the fall.

C6795340-E5CD-4361-A3DC-6A5624D38FFFAnd finally, I found two cool bracelets on our weekly grocery buying excursion. The fluorite bead bracelet was actually on our lawn. The quartz crystal cuff was on the sidewalk around the corner. I was a little sad about not being able to hunt for bijoux because all the thrift shops and flea markets were closed, but I guess that jewellery  comes to me now.