COVID-19 Caftan

F75509FA-626B-484A-9D20-F6B70D2979A2I’m a sweaty Betty. I have been joking for ages that I would like a wardrobe made of towels because they are absorbent.

It’s not an original idea. A quick Etsy search reveals lots of  1960s vintage sewing patterns for turning your linen into loungewear. But now that the weather has turned so very hot and humid, and because I find crazy craft projects very calming during these days of quarantined, I decided that there’s no time like the present to make a COVID-19 caftan.

31A4EDF7-FA1B-43A2-9C47-5BBE87DE2DC4Because I didn’t want to mess with any of my precious towels to make prototype, I had to break quarantine to go to the Dollarama and purchase two cotton beach towels. You could probably make a shorter cover up with bath towels, but I wanted a maxi robe.

D2A25B2B-B11E-4046-AD84-93DCCEFBE05AThen I stitched the two towels together along the width leaving an opening for my head. For the sides, I left an opening of about 14 inches for my arms and then stitched down another 8 inches or to just below my hip because I wanted high slits to show of my sexy legs.

That’s all. I could also skip the slits and add pockets. There’s plenty of ways to tweak this look. I also made one for my sister which will have to be hemmed. I’m 5′ 9″ so the length is perfect but if you are shorter, it’s gonna trip you up.