Corona Couture

725CFFE7-EE4F-4C8B-8126-4DC367218DFEIf you did a timeline of the pandemic, as told from a middle class, North American perspective, it would be broken up into various eras. For example, there was the Banana Bread age, followed by the TikTok era and the Artisinal Butter Making Days.

This was all back in the After the Before Times, but Before the Killing Of George Floyd Times. Back when people reacted to lockdown with a little bit of whimsy instead of low grade depression and overwhelming anxiety.

One popular quarantine craft in this epoch was tie dye. I got the instructions for making a tie dye shirt using beets  and turmeric for colour. I even bought a night shirt at the Dollarama to transform. But I never got he project off the ground until this weekend.

CEEF8C2C-654D-422E-A3A2-FAC2CFACE054Here is my process shot. It didn’t  turn out exactly how I envisaged — the instructions I was following called for a cotton crew neck t-shirt and I went with a polycotton Henley so the dye didn’t absorb evenly (I was hoping for a more square pattern. But the colour is nice. I will consider this a prototype. After all, the more you do something, the more skilled you become.