Belated Birthday


Once the city went into stage three of reopening, one of the first things I did was take my UG to Quality Jewelers up the street to make this watch wearable again. Last week, it was finally ready for pickup. I think they did a great job of soldering the lug. It’s not invisible if you know what to look for, but I wasn’t expecting it to look mint either. Battle scars are part of its story I think. Makes it more interesting. And it only cost $50, which still makes it a great investment.


Back in February when I was housebound post knee surgery, I would trawl eBay looking for good watch deals. I saw a cute little Universal Geneve listed for an unbelievably low reserve and I ended up winning it for $36 plus shipping. This was my birthday present to myself!


Unfortunately it was quite poorly packaged and when it arrived one of the lugs was broken off. Because it was such a steal, I decided to keep it anyway and get the case fixed. Unfortunately, the world went into lockdown before I had the chance to get the work done.


I also put it in the NOS Universal Geneve strap I found at the old Weston Flea before it shut down. The light bronze of the strap is a nice balance to the slightly yellowed dial.