More Newness


I also shopped the online sales at Uniqlo and bought a few more pieces from their Marimekko collaboration. My rationalization was that I was in the market for night gowns, but most of the models I found online were pretty expensive. Since the cotton caftan I got when they launched the collection also works as sleepwear, why not buy a few more? Especially since they were deeply discounted.

00BAAEC9-14C7-45C5-AFFF-F6244DD995CCSo I picked up a polka dotted linen blend coverup and a few more tshirts (I was inspired by a woman I saw wearing one with joggers at the supermarket).

63D37345-5E58-4C0F-BF31-3A9E800163E4And since I was already in the Uniqlo app, I also bought this Uniqlo U shirt dress for $14.