Still on a crafting tangent. The city is locking down again and frankly making things takes my mind off all the crazy that’s happening in the world. At least for an hour or two so I can give my brain a break so it can be ready for another day.

50D25DA2-02DD-4426-9C2A-51ACA10FBF2BI can’t help but notice that most of my Pandemic projects have an element of portability. I’ve always been a person who liked to carry certain objects around with me just in case I needed them. I was the kid whose pockets were stuffed with tiny dolls, harmonicas, and interesting rocks. I am also the person who picks up every bright (and not so shiny) thing she sees on the sidewalk. This is why clothes need to have pockets. 


Here are my most recent DIY projects. I’ve been making crocheted necklaces to carry the interesting rocks that I find on my daily ambles. There has been a lot of trial and error involved but I am getting better and faster at making these. Having a rock as a talisman also feels protective and helps connect me to the earth and that I should be doing more to protect it. And I also made a big knitting bag/tote out of a towel and some wooden handles I found at the thrift shop.

A side note: two fantasies that I entertain are that my COVID creations will be discovered and a house like Gucci will discover me and make me an accessories designer but if society collapses, my DIY skills will prove valuable in a post-apocalyptic world. Sadly, I learned that the second scenario is more unlikely when I sliced my finger open unloading the dishwasher and couldn’t do any crafts for four days.