Reading Rainbow


A month or so ago I became obsessed with the idea of weaving. Because knitting and crochet and embroidery left my with a lot of short bits of yarn. I am trying not to waste anything, although I have made enough things during the pandemic I could probably start my own landfill. Anyway, I saw some cool tapestries on Pinterest and I thought a I should give weaving a try. Here are some of my efforts.


I used to have a bead loom, so wraps and wefts are not completely foreign to me. I believe that some of my Scottish ancestors worked in the textile mills before aging out in their teens. But just because I know the principles doesn’t mean I’m good at it. Yet.

Although I spent hours looking at looms on the Internet look at looms, I decided not to commit money or floor space to an appliance until I was committed to the craft. Instead I made a cardboard loom. This limits the size of projects, so it’s bookmarks and bracelets for starters.


I’m still in the prototype stage, so no ambitious patterns, just abstract shapes. I haven’t got the hang of tension yet and these weavings tend to get narrow in the mid section. Oh well, they are bookmarks. If they look a little too homespun, it’s hidden in the pages of your tome.

If you want one of these early efforts, follow me on my @some_bazaar before December 17, 2020 and I’ll send you one.