Recently, I found myself obsessed with getting a pair of grey tights. I am a skirt girl at heart and with winter on the way, I took a hard look at the tights I already own. My inventory is all black and made of materials that don’t breathe. I also have a few pairs of footless leggings that I wear with skirts but while comfy, they don’t look right around the ankles.


What I really wanted was some 1990s style, non-synthetic hosiery. Here’s a picture of me in my photo grunge look. It was take. In Montreal in the Cold, cold winter yet those tights kept me warm.

I’m not trying to recapture my youth, but I just had a feeling that said opaque hosiery, in cotton or wool would also suit my current look. So I took to Facebook to ask my friends for recommendations. On the advice of the hive mind, I ordered some merino wool tights from Snag Tights—a company based in Scotland that kept showing up on my timeline.


I ended up ordering a grey and black pair. They arrived Monday. I had to leave the house for some lab work for an upcoming Medical check up, so I took The black tights for a test drive on Wednesday. Here are the results.

Not only did they feel like my favourites from the past, they also fit my present body shape. Like the tights of my youth, they are not 100% opaque. And they are very high-waisted. These things are not deal breakers for me. I like them because they are comfy and warm and they don’t roll down. An improvement over the ’90s versions is that the knees didn’t get baggy over the day nor did they hang too low in the gusset. And I walked for 4 km because I’m trying to avoid people And therefore public transit in general.


I was happy to support a woman-owned small business and the packaging was plastic-free.

Just wanted to share a happy experience.