Incoming Watches


Here are (probably) my last watch acquisitions of 2020. Both are a result of researching a pitch on designer collaborations. I started investigating certain brands and collections and the next thing I knew I had FOMO’d myself and started bidding on every model that popped up on eBay. Fortunately for my bank account, I was outbid on most of these auctions. But I still came away with two new timepieces.

The first is this Bill Blass by Vantage (a subbrand of Hamilton). I originally came across this line when researching micro rotor chronographs for another article. In that investigation, I came across a lot of Hamiltons and a Bill Blass was included. Which led to my pitch idea, which led me to look for evidence of every model produced.

That’s how I came across this watch. The dial is an actual cancelled stamp! I instantly fell in love because it felt so emblematic of 2020. The US Postal service was under threat and then helped keep voters stay safe and at home during the US election. I’ve also never relied on the mail as much as I do now. It makes it possible for my Etsy side hustle to stay afloat and keeps me in touch with friends and family that I can’t visit in person. I put it on my Wish List and the wish came true!


The second delivery is a Lady Elgin Parisienne designed by Lucien Lelong in 1928. I’ve had other examples of Parisienne — the first line of ladies watches designed by Paris Couturiers like Lanvin, Louiseboulanger and Premet—but finding them at an affordable price has become impossible over the last few years.