Don’t Box Me In


As a result of this year’s watch acquisitions (ain’t no pandemic gonna hold me back), I realized that I needed to upgrade my timepiece storage solutions. So I’ve been making valets from boxes I bought at Dollarama and decorated with art supplies I already had in the house. This is box number one, made to hold my mod watches, which need to lie flat.


I painted it with acrylic markers and lined the box with bits of felt that I had lying around. I should/could make dividers but then I would be able to fit as many watches into one box. I’m trying to organize each box thematically for ease of retrieval.


I did get a little impatient with decorating the exterior, so I collaged a postcard of a bear that my friend Lynda sent me. I am pleased with the result but am also aware that it looks like something I might have made in grade 4. I can just claim that that’s my aesthetic—elevated grade schooler.