Watch Related


As promised, here are a few watch-related stationery items. These are all things that I have been gifted. I’ve got mixed feelings about getting presents from manufactures. Do they influence my feelings toward a brand? Do I actually need more things? The answer is yes. During this pandemic year, these tokens do brighten my days because I feel remembered. And generally I don’t need to bring anything else into the house, but pens, notebooks and bookmarks are useful. I find the Jaquet Droz laser cut book mark pictured above to be exceptionally beautiful as well. Although it reminds me of the stack of unread books sitting beside my bed. The grey February weather has got me feeling unambitious.


I’ve been using this Zenith notebook and pen to write down notes for the genealogy project I’m working on with my mom. I should also use the pen to start writing thank-you’d to all the people who sent me presents. Gotta stop hoarding and start sharing.