I’ve been experiencing technical difficulties. Generally I blog from my iPad. It is getting old and glitchy. But the problem could also just be that I am getting old and glitchy and I just can’t keep up with the WordPress updates. At the moment I can’t seem to upload images and I so wanted to share pictures of some auctions I won on eBay last month and which both arrived this week.

They are an Elsa Peretti for Halston Bean perfume necklace (yes, I already have one but sometimes it’s good to have backup) and a Ms Dior by Bulova sterling silver watch (bought it for a bargain because it needs a cleaning but I am tempted to wear it as jewelry until this lockdown is lifted).

How can I describe these beauties without photos? It would be a good challenge to try. I have been writing descriptive text blocks for the visually impaired for some Instagram posts. But my record is spotty because visuals alone are just easier. And I am lazy.

So I would say the watch, which was made in 1974, has a sort of biomorphic appearance, with a case and bracelet links that share a silohuette with orichietti pasta. The finish is good over silver with contrasting brushed and polished surfaces. It’s a time only timepiece with a Cat’s eye style gradient Smokey brown dial.

The necklace is also super 1970s and features an oversized (About the size of a newborn’s fist) version of Peretti’s signature bean design. Except that like a locket it opens up but instead of space for a photo of a loved one, it holds some very old solid perfume. While the pendant hangs for a delicate 925 silver chain, it is Is not sterling.

If I Was allowed to post pictures, I would have also included an image of the original advertising of the watch. It would have shown five watches from the Ms Dior arranged on a rock, with the suggested retail prices displayed in a caption. My model was originally priced at $125 1974 dollars. I am too tired tonight to do the math to figure out what that would cost in 2021 money.

Hopefully I can figure out how to fix this image issue tomorrow. In the meantime I will just leave this post as is (including typos — I know they are there, I just don’t have the energy to address the problem right now.