Back From The Shop

Still having trouble adding images to my posts. What up WordPress? I will try and sort it out over the weekend. In the meantime you can see a photo of what I’m talking about on the main page.

Anyway, I took a bunch of shoes and a backpack to Sole Survivor for repairs a back in April and I picked them up on Thursday. We take all of our repairs there. Been doing it for ages. But COVID has changed things up a little. The shop used to be in Kensington Market, now it’s in Parkdale. And there’s a futuristic drop off/pick up system to keep everything contactless. I kind of miss that shoe repair shop smell.

I’m so glad to have my Birks recorked, my Fenty x Puma creepers reheeled and my Panerai backpack repaired (it is the best travelling haversack because it if rigid and has pockets that make it easy to access tickets, documents, wallets and iPads. Plus, Sole Survivor threw in some free cork conditioner!

I also went to the chiropodist because not only do I want to take care of my shoes so that they’ll last forever, I also want to ensure that I will still be able to walk in 40 years (after 40 plus years of foot abuse). So happy feet all round.