Fancy Finds

Two things. I have become obsessed with the @stooping_toronto Instagram account. It catalogues sidewalk finds across the city and while most of the postings are out of my geographic range, if one pops up near my place you can bet I’ll be out the door in a heartbeat to check it out.

Which brings me to thing number two. now that the weather is nicer, I’m trying to get in at least one long walk everyday. In the olden times, my motivation would have been to go to a store for a treat or to a thrift shop to hunt. But because the shops are closed, my strolls are motivated by finding free stuff on the sidewalk. Sidewalk shopping is not new to me, I am just approaching it more like I did thrifting.

At the same time I am trying to limit things that I bring into the house. In the future I should do a post about all the things I leave behind on the curb. But today I’ll share my most recent finds: A yellow Gilman hoodie, a made in Germany flower pot, and a blogger-style statement necklace. I think these necklaces reached peak popularity about 10 years ago but it kind of goes with my Marimekko dress so air will give it a second life.