Eye Of The Tiger

I’ve had a very exhausting and frustrating day so I am cribbing this copy from an Instagram post I already wrote,

After admiring all the semiprecious stone novelties introduced at Watches and Wonders, I decided I needed invest in timepieces with malachite and tiger eye dials.

I found this 1970s beauty on eBay. It took two months to arrive but is well worth the wait. I figured the finish was faux but I expected a striped laquer dial and instead it’s screen printed on — up close you can see the registration dots — but that just lends it an era-appropriate appeal. It’s also absolutely minty and came with it’s origins tags and case back stickers. I also bought it for its unique ebony bracelet which is a little on the big side and obviously can’t be resized. Anyway I’m happy to welcome it to my cabinet of curiosities.

And even though I’ve been researching Renis since I won the eBay auction, I don’t really know anything about the brand. So many Swiss watchmakers, distributors and assemblers simply disappeared in the 1970s leaving little behind except for these timepieces and the occasional ad.