Rogue’s Gallery

In my never ending quest to downsize, I realized that I’ve got at least a square foot of space devoted to things I can’get rid of. Namely yearbooks that are too embarrassing to risk falling into the wrong hands, week-intentioned but unloved gifts that you need to keep around in case the gift giver comes over for a visit and knock off newellery.

It’s highly unlikely that I will ever be famous enough that anyone would care about me awkward high school jazz choir photos but at the same time, anything can become a meme so these yearbooks remain in the deepest recesses of my bookcase (and yes, I could just shred them but I also don’t want to add to the landfills.

Unwanted gifts are less of a problem when it we haven’t had visitors in over a year and who knows, indoor entertaining may never come back. But again when everyone knows about my Etsy shops, I’m afraid of getting caught rehoming presents.

And finally the fakes. Let me be clear that I’ve never sought ou to buy a knock off. O!nce or twice maybe IMQ picked up something at a thrift shop hoping that it was the real deal only to find out it was fake when I’m got it home and did my research.

Nope. Most of these bad boys were got in jewelry lots. Technically on,y the watch and the Chanel. Necklace counterfeit. The rest could be considered homages because they are not signed. Some are actually quite well made (the Cartier Tri Anneaux bracelet has open back gem setting) while others are quite rough (the faux Alhambra necklace stones are plastic and glued in).

anyway, I wouldn’t feel,right selling or wearing fakes but would also feel guilty tossing them into the trash. Why does every decision have to be so tortured?