Street Art

We’ve been having a little heatwave so I haven’t had the inclination to go on long rambling walks this week. But I had to go downtown to do are blood today and since the temperature had dropped a little, ai thought I would try and walk home. I walked along College from Bay to Spadina and detoured through Chinatown because my planned route was all ripped up with construction.

The province is lightening lockdown restrictions tomorrow so I thought it might be fun to experience Spadina without the bustling traffic and crowded sidewalk displays. While it was not as quiet as you would think (lots of non-essential businesses were still selling their wares on the sidewalk, you just weren’t allowed inside). But compared to the usual chaos of Chinatown, it was practically a ghost town. Things were slow enough for me to spot the painting pictured above lying in the has some damage (ripped canvas) and I smudged the paint when ai attempted to clean the grime off the surface. I don’t know who made it, but I like it.

I also got this cool bucket hat for $5 from one of the aforementioned vendors. Because I am doomed to make the same mistakes over and over again, I left the house without a hat. After walking for a mere 20 minutes I could feel myself about to burst into flame. I needed head protection and this chapeau was cheap and cheerful and in face may become my new go to topper. This is how I get all my hats. Ai have 10 million hats.