The Devils Made Me Do It

On Friday the provincial government lifted some lockdown measures, allowing retail stores to open (at limited capacity) for the first time since November. I had planned to stay away from shopping for a while. And if I did go out, the goal was to support local businesses.

Of course I am not Superman but shopping is my kryptonite. I did visit the local Arts Market because if I did slip and fall into buying something. I wanted to support a small business. And there I spotted this his and hers pair of Caravelle Devil Divers.

The original Bulova Devil Diver (the nickname comes from the 666 foot water resistance rating on the dial) is a much sought after vintage timepiece. I have been looking for one for a couple of years now, because I dig there 1970s aesthetic but they the ones I have found are usually priced outside of my range. Caravelle is Bulova’s sister brand and they also made a less-expensive version of the Devil Diver, so I started looking for an example from that brand as an affordable alternative. Dive watches in general have only been going up in price. Plus I have three quartz divers that are perfectly serviceable.

So imagine my excitement when I discovered not one but two Caravelle Devil Divers at this mini antique mall. I was already experiencing an endorphin rush just from being outside and poking around a shop. They were being sold as a set and although I didn’t really need two, I impulsively I bought the pair. And then I settled into a satisfying research hole.

The big watch is lacking a number that would help date it (most Bulova/Caravelles are marked with a letter-number combo that identifies the year of manufacture) but I believe this is a Sea Hunter model from 1975. It’s a little battered but is keeping good time. The smaller version is stamped N8 for 1978. So technically they are not a matched pair of his and hers watches (and because they belong to me, they are hers and hers watches).

Once I’m a little more comfortable with the concept of going further afield to shop, I’m going to find some straps that better compliment the orange seconds hands — which is pretty much my favourite thing about these timepieces. Stay tuned!