What I Got. What I Want.

I did a bit of online shopping. Some looks that have been stalking me on my timeline from Joe Fresh and a vintage yellow cardigan from Poshmark. Technically the look I was going for here was from the Gap, but I used my PC points to purchase similar styles from Joe Fresh (you, know instead of applying them to groceries). And the impulse to buy a yellow cardigan has been with me for a long time. I had one on my last wish list (see below) and I saved up to buy it but they didn’t ship to Canada.

I’ve also made some additions to my want list. There’s these cool rain boots from Poshmark, a Diamond necklace from Mejuri, a leopard print caftan from H&M and some Tania boots from Etsy. I should probably prioritize the things from the last wish list before I shop again, but these things are such a bargain that it’s hard to resist their pull.