As promised, here’s a picture of the fur collar I picked up at the yard sales last weekend. Up until today it’s been too darn hot and humid to model it. The back story is that I had been wanting a detachable fur collar for quite some time. I think my original inspiration came from a Dries Van Noten runway from 2012 (to me, Dries never goes out of style). During the pandemic I even bought a fuzzy blue throw from Dollarama so that I could make my own. I never got around to it and ended up putting the blanket into a free box of craft supplies on the curb.

Detachable collars have become quite the accessory of late. They are a good way to add variety to your existing wardrobe (add interest to an old sweater! Jazz up a t-shirt like Dries!) and the fuzzy ones are nice for deemphazing your neck on days when you don’t feel like that’s your finest asset.

Of course, you don’t always find what you’re looking for when you’re looking for it. Now to await cooler weather so I can add it to the rotation.