VV Finds

I have been growing worried about losing or dulling certain skills over the pandemic. Social graces mostly, but I was wanting to do some wood carving and soldering of broken jewelry over the weekend and I honestly could not remember where to start.

My shopping skills, however, are still strong. I visited the Value Village on Saturday and here are some of my finds. Up top, two damaged clocks. I have always wanted a flip clock. I don’t even know if it works or not because I bought the wrong replacement battery to test it with. It is also missing the plate that covers the battery. And the travel alarm works fine but is missing half of its fold up case. Since I more often come across these clocks with intact cases and busted movements, I reckon I can fix.

I could not resist this climbing monkey tin toy. And I bought a bag of broken watch parts that included this battered brass compass (still works though) and this collapsible shot glass secreted in a Hunter case.

Keeping on the neck piece theme of my fur collar, I picked up an aluminum necktie and a mesh Peter Pan collar necklace. Plus a Mylu Santa pin. I have sold these before but many years ago. I hope it is still popular because I listed it and the tie in my Etsy shop.

And I bought two shirts that I definitely don’t need… a Marimekko Uniqlo tunic t-shirt and an Anthropologie smocked black top.

The best thing about the trip to the VV was watching all the other shoppers to get styling tips. Most of the crowd seemed to be younger hipsters searching for things to sell on Poshmark (no doubt their pandemic hustle). But they also had some unique street style. Definitely gave me ideas about how to rethink my existing wardrobe so that hopefully I won’t be tempted to buy myself anything else.