Rubber Soul

I don’t know how I ended up falling down this particular rabbit hole, but on the weekend I started thinking about the early 1990s phenomenon of the Jelly Kelly. This plastic homage to Hermès was the it bag for one summer but just as quickly fell out of fashion (probably not worth the hassle of cease and desist orders). Still, they were so popular that you’d think they would turn up in thrift shops.

After some light googling, I discovered that the knock off is still being made. Then my nostalgia brain led me to look up Jelly Watches, another ‘90s fad for clear plastic timepieces with all the iconic signatures of a Rolex. They too are still in production but I also discovered that they made a bright yellow rubber version of a Bulgari tubogas Serpenti.

So I started a wish list of fun plastic things. (Note: The Croc Bae Platforms have made an appearance on my mood board before.) I am all shopped out for July, but maybe for August?