Pins And Needles

Since it’s day one billion of the heat warning, I decided to hang out in front of the fan and complete some sewing projects. The last time I went to Value Village, I got a free patch. Okay also got a Chief Ladybird/tmprtantum Landback iron on and I found a Stay Home Club transfer that I had misplaced.

I spent the afternoon letting the YouTube algorithms play DJ while I stitched them onto my jean jacket (I don’t like ironing patches on because I like to play with placement).

I was also going to sew on another patch that I found while cleaning up but I’m afraid I’ve already misplaced it. It will have to be part of a future car afternoon. Speaking of the future, I’ve included my mood ring in the above photo to remind myself to take jewelry off before sewing because the stone will get tangled up in the thread.

My Jean jacket also plays host to a modest pin collection. The Aunty Magic brooch is a recent purchase from Mad Aunty. And I got the Disney Alphabet enamel pin at a yard sale yesterday (more on that tomorrow).