Went to a couple of yard sales last Saturday. I needed the exercise. At sale number one, I picked up this oversized cotton dress (I could be convinced that it’s the top part of some choir ensemble — must do more research); a chunky yellow cardigan (I cannot resist the allure of cardigans and this one may be the best one yet); and an embroidered western shirt (turns out I’m not androgynous enough to pull this one off).

I’m also modelling a grey leather tote bag by Cuyana and an open back sweater that I found at the Value Village. I feel that the sweaters and bag are particularly successful transitional pieces for fall. The dress is fabulous but will probably get packed away with summer garb soon. I’m not sure about the western shirt. I want it to be me but button front doesn’t love me like that.

My second stop was a nearby street sale. I got two vintage velvet riding helmets for free (although a friend assures me that they would not meet any current safety standards.

A much more useful score is this Xenia Taler bird ceramic tile. I need to figure out where to properly hang it now.