Basket Full Of Fun

On my Monday amble I found a wicker basket full of yarn and fabric on the sidewalk. Of course I brought it home despite the fact that i just put a free box full of craft supplies on the curb.

The basket also contained a bunch of stamos, many of a Christian nature. My spider senses tell me that maybe this craft kit belonged to a Sunday School teacher. I do love stamps but am uncomfortable with religious iconography so I may have to return them to the curb. Except for the tiger pictured in the lower left of the page pictured above — it’s a keeper.

The other reason I suspect religousness is thar the basket was filled with materials for making those yarn-wrapped crosses known as the “Eye of God.” The wool is very soft so I’m hoping there’s enough to knit a sweater vest. For some reason I am obsessed with the idea of having a sweater vest for fall. I think the variegated wool will make it a nice balance to my more minimal outfits.