We went to Hamilton to visit friends last weekend and did a little antiquing along the way. i wanted to visit a vintage clothing store called Vintage Soul Geek because they had come across a cache of new old stock knitwear from the 1960s. Did not buy anything but had fun seeing these museum pieces in person. They also had a great jewelry wall.

We also stopped by Edna’s Oddments which is the shop where I found my first Rolex on a bag of broken jewelry. This time I purchased a possible Coro pot metal brooch, a celluloid Demeter cameo and a Victorian Revival belt buckle bangle.

One of the best things is they wrapped it up in old Sears department store tissue.

And finally we drove out the Aberfoyle Antiques Market. I found a few watches but did not buy anything because everything was overpriced and it felt a little scammy (one vendor tried to sell me on the jade ring that I wore into the market, asked approximately 5x the price I paid for it and told some made up story about its provenence. Other stuff was sitting in bins that had about a centimetre of water collected in the bottom.

Spotted a Donny Osmond doll though,