Inky Blinders

I got some new tattoos!

I follow a lot of beaders and tattoo artists on Instagram. Brit Ellis just happens to be a bead worker (@blu.hummingbird) and a tattooist (@shapeshiftsiren).

She posted a flash of some blueberries and I knew right away I wanted them to honour my Grandmother and Grandfather Riche. I have such a strong association with wild blueberry picking and trips to visit the relatives in Newfoundland.

Brit is a very talented artist (my ink isn fully healed yet, but just look at the shadowing) with a very even and gentle touch. If I had more moolah I would have got some of her Halloween flash. And next time she has a jewelry drop, hopefully I’ll be fast enough to get some of her beadwork too!

Anyway, meet Robert and Winifred!