Just as I have been going through my collections, trying to make sense of all of my stuff, I also spent an evening rereading old posts trying to figure out why I do this blog.

I’ve been writing Gracious Good for over a decade and revisting ancient entries can be embarrassing. First and foremost the process has always been a daily writing exercise—kind of like an opera singer running scales before a performance. I write for a certain amount of time, often typing on my phone. I don’t go back and check spelling and grammar and it shows.

My mission is also all over the place. Mostly, it is a good old fashioned blog in that it’s really just a diary of things and how I got them. At times I have considered using it to promote my writing career (unwise considering all of the spelling and grammar mistakes) or my Etsy shop. But ultimately it has become a catalogue of things I got and how I got them.

That’s the evolution of Gracious, Good. Lately I’ve been contemplating the future. The last two years have made me reflect on the whole pursuit of things in general. Before I would derive so much joy in hunting down bargains. Now I have more appreciation of the cost of fast fashion on the environment. And two years of spending so much time inside has made me reassess my relationship with material things. Plus I’m getting older and therefore am much more tired.

I’m not quite ready to shut it all down yet (archiving every would be a chore that I don’t want to deal with), but the mission might change again. In the meantime, enjoy this blurry picture of a necklace I made out pendants salvaged from other necklaces.