On The Hunt

The Buy And Sell—a claustrophobic junk shop on St. Clair— is closing so I had to go one last time. Here are some photos to illustrate the breadth of the offerings typically found at this establishment.

As you can see, it’s the type of place where one could spend hours digging through crates and boxes. I spent the weekend spring cleaning so as tempting as many of these oddities are, I left most of these things behind.

I did find a pocket full of small treasures to remember the place by.

A pair of working mechanical Timex watches. the one on the right needs a new clasp. I am confident that one will present itself. I replaced the crusty perlon strap on the watch on the left with a pumpkin-coloured rubber strap from a non-working watch. Now I am in love.

I also found an old pocket watch chain with two old silver fobs.

I added the charms to a silver bangle that I thrifted a few weeks ago. Now I am in love.

Also found this amulet in the bottom of a shoe box full of nuts and bolts. I think it might be gold but my gold testing acids have expired. Next time I sell scrap I’ll take it in. In the meantime I’ve attached it to a red string and am wearing it as a pendant.

And last but not least, I picked up this Passille-Sylvestre pin at the Salvation Army across the street from the Buy & Sell.