I’m Your Fan

The last two days have been trying. I have had a lot of deadlines while battling many distractions (the cat almost caught fire and my instagram got highjacked). There are worse things that could happen (the cat is singed but unharmed and I often think about deleting social media anyway), so I soldiered through the day and then went for a walk to clear my head.

I made the Dollarama my destination because I needed envelopes and paint for art projects. I also indulged in some retail therapy. Starting with the handheld fans pictured up top. I hate being sweaty and have folding and ”church” fans stashed away in various purses and backpacks. I have seen people on the transit with these little portable blades and have been jealous. One of these is hand powered but noisey. The other is battery operated but promised to be whisper quiet. Environmentally, hand powered is better but on a long bus trip quiet has its advantageous.

And then I saw these socks. I have a lot of the dollar sign socks and they are my favourites. i buy them whenever I see them so I’ll have replacements when they wear out. Then I saw the zebra versions. I am a huge fan of Flora Scalamandré’s Masai wallpaper. I will snap up anything that reminds me of this iconic pattern. I still rue the day last summer that I didn’t buy a zebra print shirt hoping that it would go on sale. The store was cleaned out within a week.

Okay, socks are at least necessary. What I don’t need is another bucket hat. But this one is reversible. And cute. Like the fans, I should stash my various bucket hats in my various totes so that I’m never caught without a head covering.

And speaking of coverage, I bought some foundation so I can play with makeup more.

That’s it for my Dollarama shopping spree (well I also bought envelopes, paint, as well as a scrunchie and some ankle socks because these are things that keep disappearing).

Then I went to No Frills where I spotted a No Name camp chair (for sitting). I first saw this chair when I went to line up for the Swatch x Omega Moonswatch. It don’t wait in many queue when I do, I always wish I had a chair like this. And this little shopping spree (and writing about it) has helped me feel a little less angry.