Recent Acquisitions

Did I mention that it has been a challenging week? My Instagram account got hacked (I’m still locked out), my cat got singed, I lost a watch on my way to an event, and Mr. Andrew was feeling poorly. So I blew off some steam with a little retail therapy.

My biggest score was this pair of Salvatore Ferragamo loafers. Only $7 at the Sally Ann. i spent a good chunk of yesterday willing them to fit but alas they are too narrow for my duck feet. I will list them on Poshmark instead of rebreaking the bones in my feet.

My favourite Thrift find was this cotton dress which is from a boutique in Merìda, Mexico called Kukul Butik. I love the colour and the fit. And it was already 30 degrees today so I know it will get a lot of wear this summer.

I also picked up this COS top just in case I need to go somewhere grown up.

The last thrift score is this wool/silk/cashmere blend Zegna sweater. So comfy. Love the colour. Too bad it will probably be too hot to wear it until fall (I took it off immediately after taking this picture).

I did a bit of non-second hand shopping as well.

I went to Old Navy to buy some bras. I saw this jumpsuit on the sale rack and impulsively bought it because it has stripes, pockets a d a built-in bra. It was only when I got home that I realized it is a built-in nursing bra and it was from the maternity section. Oh well, still cute and cozy.

I also stopped by Nordstrom Rack to check out the sale section (I once got an Ulla Johnson blouse for $6 there and I’ve been chasing that dragon ever since). No high end deals but this fleece pullover was $9.

They also had very good deals on clothing and accessories by cult label Lisa Says Gah. I took a pass on the clothes because the garments that fit me wasn’t the trademark loud print stuff. But I did buy this barrette, which is surprisingly sturdy. And I bought a pair of sterling silver CZ studs because I felt like it.