Garage Rock

Went on my first big yard sale safari in two years. The Cowan Community Street sale in Parkdale is one if my favourites and it did not disappoint.

First off, some things I didn’t buy but now I kinda wish I did just for the whimsy.

One of the things I like about garage sale finds is the stories that come with each piece. For example, the woman who sold me this yukata robe (pictured at the bottom of this post) assured me that she had stolen it from an onsen hotel in Japan. And while I was paying for it, another shopper pulled out her phone to show me pictures of her granddaughters wearing yukata to give me styling tips.

I also appreciated that many sellers did not overprice their wares. This little elephant was the first thing that caught my eye. I asked the seller how much it cost. ”This is quite old and hand-chiselled,” he replied. I was expecting him to say it was a hundred bucks, but by the time he finished his description, he said, ”fifty cents.”

My best score was these two antique silver brooches. The top one is an 1882 Morgan Dollar turned into a love token brooch. I’ve been unable to decipher the maker’s marks on the dragon but the hardware is similar in style to the t-hinge clasp on the back of the love token.

My absolute favourite find is this seashell encrusted frame with two pastel drawings of kitty cats. They were part of my friend Holly’s sale. She has posted of it on Instagram and i knew I had to have it!