Digging Through The Crates

Mr. Andrew and I went for a stroll on Sunday. our destination was the DoWest Fest but aling the way we stopped off at Expo Vintage By The Pound. And it was super fun!

First of all it took me back to my youthful thrifting days, when I had the stamina to spend hours digging through the bins at usex record stores and buy the pound stores. They were even playing Dinosaur Jr over the stereo.

There were some differences. Notably that in the old days, places like this charged a dollat a pound and this was more like $16.95. And these clothes were clean and folded even, so I wasn’t mad about the inflation.

The selection also skewed toward true vintage (as opposed to fast fashion that’s been discarded after one season). So without further ado, I’ll share my finds, starting with this super soft 1980s sports jersey.

My favourite find is this 1970s or ’80s permanent press ”Rappers” brand cowboy shirt. It even has pearlized snap buttons and it fits like a dream (see below).

My next favourite is this Lee Riders jean jacket. I’m sorry Levis, but Lee is the best. I’ve just not been able to find a vintage one in my size … until now. Based on the tags, I’d say this one dates to the 1980s. Again, fits like a dream.

Finally, I got this 1980s-era rugby shirt. I’ve been on the hunt for a nice, loose-fitting rugby shirt for a while. I’ve found a few but they were either too thick or too snug across the boobs. This one is just right.

A fun/not fun fact that I uncovered while researching these pieces: Most garments marked ”Made In USA” or ”Made in Canada” were made before NAFTA made it easier to outsource manufacturing.