Eye Sight

Today started out well. I didn’t have any pressing morning deadlines so I got to sleep in a little before setting out to do some maintenance, including picking up the prescription sunglasses that I had made from the vintage Cool Ray Watkins Glen Sunglasses from Opticianado. They updated the ’scrip on the vintage American Optical Frames that I found at Value Village earlier this year.

I’ve never had prescription sunglasses before. In the 1990s I had some tinted lenses that clipped on to my regular frames. I think I lost them after a couple of months. Being able to see in the sun without squinting was a revelation! The only issue is that I forgot to take them off when I went to get a pedicure. The pedicurist was looking at me funny and I wasn’t until I got home and Andrew told me about listening with a director who wore sunglasses during an interview and realizing what a douche he looked like when he saw it played back on TV.

Note to self: You are not in need of anonymity. Don’t forget to take your aviators off inside.

Speaking of adopting a movie star persona, i also got this cool Omega New Era 950 Flat Brim Snap Back baseball hat today. I have seen a lot of groovy looking folks out and about over the last few days wearing caps and I was curious about trying it out.

I think it looked good, but hats make my head hot but you can’t take them off because your hair gets sweaty and stringy.

Anyway it was a good day that turned bad as soon as I got home and learned that Roe V. Wade was overturned. It’s not my country and we all knew it was coming but the decision still shook me to the core and I got nothing done for the rest of the day.