Lipstick Traces

Every day I take a picture of my outfit and post it on Instagram. The idea is that it serves as a catalogue of my clothing so I don’t go out and buy the same thing over and over again. And these imaged are also a reminder of particularily good looks so when I’m uninspired I can copy a previous look.

Reviewing the last two years of selfies is also a record of how my physical appearance has changed. My face, in particular, looks a little washed out. I already wrote about buying a Cheekbone Beauty makeup palette, eye liner and lipstick. And I still love these purchases — the lipstick in particular goes on smoothly and doesn’t dry out my lips. A triple plus.That makeup success gave me the confidence to purchase more lip colour. To both honour and stereotype my Scottish roots I cheaped out bought two more lipsticks from the Shoppetd Drugmart. Here’s are my mini reviews.

Annabelle Eccentricity in Out Of The Orange-dinary. On the plus side, this lipstick applied smoothly, lasted okay and provides a nice pop of summery colour. I’m just not convinced that orange it’s the right colour for me. Or maybe I need a shade that’s less sheer? Although now that I look at this picture it looks fine.

Next up is Cover Girl Ravishing Rose. My notes are pretty much the same as above except this time I was not expecting the shade to look as frosty. My goal was to emphasize my lips and I feel like the shimmer makes them recede. But again, In the mirror I’m disappointed, but on camera this lipstick looks perfectly fine (although the orange is probably better suited to the green dress and the pink to the white).

Maybe my self perception needs the makeover?