Pretty Ugly

I’m kinda obsessed with Ugly Dolls. Especially the bats, because I’m also kind of obsessed with bats.

My first Ugly Doll was actually a Funko vinyl (pictured above) figurine that I got at the Dollarama on Queen and Sherbourne. I was working in the area at the time so it must have been over ten years ago. I don’t know for sure. The passage of time has lost all meaning to me now.

I bought it because it was a bat and I liked the look of it. I still don’t know that much about the Ugly Doll universe. But when I see a bat, I will buy it.

While I got a few little Ugly Doll figurines when they were part of a McDonald’s Happy Meal promotion, almost all of my collection was obtained from Dollarama. There seems to be a direct overstock pipeline of these critters that leads directly to the discounter. These dolls have their own weird timeline. For example, the orange clip on bat I got over two years ago. The blue one was purchased two days ago. Same-ish time gap between the small blue “ice bat” plushie and the larger one.

The best/most foolish Ugly Dolls accoutrement is this hat I picked up last week. It’s a rabbit not a bat but believe me I’ll be trawling the dollar stores for the rest of my life hoping to score a bat cap,