Dolly Would

In the early days of the pandemic I had an idea to find some Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen dolls and then try to recreate collections from the Row in miniature. I pretty much only got as far as acquiring the dolls. Whilst searching for the twins I started on another path of looking for celebrity dolls so I could make videos of them all at a star studded party. Then I saw Trixie Mattel do the same thing. But I had already found two Spice Girls so now my mission is to complete the set.

Anyway, I put the dolls away for a bunch of months. While I was visiting Dollarama this week, I saw that they were selling Barbie clothes. I picked up two Tokyo 2020 Olympics sets to dress Ginger Spice (who was naked when I found her). I also redressed Ashley with a new polka dot skirt.

The universe recognized my new calling as a doll stylist and while Mr. Andrew and I were out for an evening amble, we came across a free box of handmade doll clothes on the side walk. While some of the fits were set aside for Ossington Bear (I’ll share those tomorrow), the silhouette of this Smiley Face sweater seemed to fit The Row aesthetic. So I put it on MK.

There was also a 1999-era Barbie in the box. She came dressed in flares and a pink hoodie, but I restyled her in a dress-over-pants situation, which is one of my personal signatures.

So there you go, I have reverted to playing with dolls. If you need a doll stylist, hit me up.