Craft Show

This past weekend, I did a craft show in Kitchener with my mother and sister. My mom’s handmade microwaveable soup bowl caddies sold like hot cakes. My sister’s crocheted ornament and dolls got lots of attention. And my DIY jewels got neither notice or sales. I learned that jewelry making and entrepreneurship are not my strong suits.

I took solace in my rejection by buying lots of things. Church craft shows are great for getting handknit goodies for unbelievably low prices. For example, these mitts and socks set me back $5 each. And the cardigan below was only $40. Now I was pricing my stuff for less than minimum wage but I still couldn’t compete with the grannies’ low, low prices.

I considered bringing vintage objects but thought it wouldn’t be allowed because it was a craft sale. I was wrong. Not only were there MLM sales people, there was one table with second hand items. My sister got some made-in-Hawaii bowls and I got this Taxco Silver Aztec Calendar medallion for $5.

One thing I forgot about having a table at a craft show is that it is a circular economy with vendor’s swapping with other vendors. My sister traded this cool hat and cute mouse for an agate necklace that I made. I suspect she may have just felt sorry for me.