I was doing okay not buying new store bought things but I went on a bit of a spree recently (ie. today and yesterday). I started off with the best of intentions by taking clothes to Plato’s Closet to sell (Poshmark has been a little slow). But while I was waiting for the staff to sort through my garments, I walked over to Dollarama to buy a lighter. I got sidetracked by these ruffle socks. I mean who wouldn’t. If there had been more than one pair I would’ve bought out the whole stock.

Then I ambled over to Walmart to pick up some shampoo and to see if they had KFC flavoured Ruffles. They did not. But they did have these Smiley World wide-legged jeans. I don’t really own any garments that go with these pants. Not off the top of my head anyway. But surely this is the kind of trouser you could build a whole wardrobe around.

This would not feel as naughty if I hadn’t bought a pair of wide-legged jeans at the Joe Fresh outlet in Scarborough the night before. I started out with the best of intentions, taking things I couldn’t sell on Poshmark or Plato’s Closet to the nearby Value Village for donation. I only went into Joe Fresh to see if they had the rain boots I had put on my Wishlist months ago. They did not.

Black jeans are a staple. And these were irresistible because they are cropped and floods are my favourite pant leg length. Plus they were only $5 — as were the shirt dress, button front maxi skirt and tube skirt that I also purchased.

With the exception of the animal print maxi skirt, these all fit neatly into the idea that if I had some sort of minimalist uniform, I would buy less smiley-face printed pants.

I already have a similar but blue COS shirt dress that I thrifted that I love layered over my white Adidas khakis. Because this is black, I can pair it with my light blue denim wide-legged cropped jeans. And I already have a similar jersey skirt that is light blue as opposed to the pale pink palette of this one. I can pair this with both short dresses as well as any of the many tiered above-the-knee dresses that I have.

Obviously I have big plans for these new clothes.