Hang Ups

Last weekend we visited a vintage furniture shop on Dupont called Stay. They had many amazing pieces and while we don’t have room for new furnishings there’s always room for art. I brought home this etched metal plaque depicting the defunct McLauchlin Planetarium. Even though it’s wee, walk space is still at a premium. I found a spot between these two carved wood pieces but O fear the next round of purging is going to have to be art.

It doesn’t help that I also keep making art. I finally got around to making a collage of these vintage plastic children’s watches. Still haven’t figured out where they will live. Apologies for the blurry photo.

Not new but here’s another item crossed off the to-do list. This Muskox print fell off the wall months ago and I only just got it rehung on Tuesday. Procrastination is my talent.