Return Of The Sidewalk Finds

I’m in deaquisition mode so I have not been bringing home many sidewalk finds. I’m fact I’ve been taking many of our possessions out to the curb from whence they came. But here are a few recent finds that I couldn’t leave behind. Let’s start with this incomeplete set of Bakelite handled cutlery. I used to collect these things. I was initially overjoyed but then got to thinking about the circle of life and how deco pieces like this used to be cheap and plentiful 20 years ago because of all the grandparents that were downsizing. Am I now in the gramma cohort? Are my fellow Gen Xers dumping the stuff their kids don’t want?

At the same site, I picked up this old wire refrigerator shelf. I’ve started the process of cleaning it up so I can use it as a storage bin.

I also got some comedy books. The Norm Macdonald one was good. I stayed up all night reading it in one go.

My favourite recent object from the “free” box was this single Litallia Ultima Thule rocks glass. Alas, I will probably sell it because I can’t afford to buy more to complete the set (and I can’t count on the sidewalk spirits to provide more).