Sensible Shoes

Trying to take care of me feets

For the last five years or so I’ve suffered from bouts of excruciating hip pain. The first diagnosis was that it was due to a misaligned gait caused by my deteriorating knee. And after I got my bionics, the pain disappeared for about a year. But then it came back. And it’s been getting worse..

I noticed that wearing certain shoes would guarantee a flare up so I’ve purging the problematic footwear. Amongst the casualties were my python print plastic Chelsea rainboots (toe box was too pointy). It took a bit of effort to find affordable replacements but I found these Birkenstock Wellies at the permanent pop up shop in Bloor West Village. They are not lined but they are red and moulded just right for my potato feet.

I also did some late night Googling on orthotics that might help me improve my posture, and therefore fix my misalignment. My old chiropodist had recommended these Dr. Scholl’s stabilizing inserts. I bought a pair and put them into my Blundstones (a pair of the aforementioned problematic boots) and while my hip still hurt after an hour of walking I could sense an improvement. I reckon that it will also take some time to really get my gait in shape.

Now the next step in the journey is to figure out how to integrate sensible footwear into my fancier fashion looks.