Doll Haul

Instead of haunting thrift shops for clothes for myself, I now find myself on the hunt for clothes for dolls. This week I also ended up coming home with more dolls as well. For example, I bought a bag of these rigid poupees because I wanted the clothes. I did a bit of research and discovered that these are Jill Dolls from Canadian toy maker Regal. They were sold wearing nothing but a hair and and a pair of shoes to encourage kids to design and make their own fashions. That is a pretty cool concept. Here is an image I found on eBay of a Jill in her original packaging.

I don’t know what I’m gonna do with these dolls but I don’t feel bad about taking away their outfits (which it turns out we’re made for Barbie.

Sidebar: I also found more Barbie clothes at the Dollarama.

Why am I still traveling through the doll section of Value Village you ask? Because I’m on a mission to complete my Spice Girls set. I already have Ginger and Scary., and this week I found Posh and Sporty.

Will I stop when I finally find Baby? Probably not. Take, for example the next doll.

That’s right, it’s another Olsen twin. Since I already have a Mary Kate and an Ashley, I have decided that this one is their non-twin sister Elizabeth.

And I dressed the celebrities in the Jill Dolls’ clothes.

And finally, an HBC Stripes Barbie. I have the same puffer jacket so I couldn’t resist.