I spend a lot of time thinking of the ethical ramifications of clothes. I have set boundaries about the kinds of clothing I should buy (natural fabrics, no fast fashion, second hand if possible while supporting local makers, must have pockets). I have made policies designed to limit the amount of clothing brought into my closet. And I am also limited by budget — I don’t have tons of dough.

It’s a constant struggle (because I’m really good at shopping), but I try to be conscientious because too much clothing is a global issue that affects human rights and the planet earth.

And then I’ll go and blow away all of that good will with a spree. I was in NYC. I arrived way before I could check into my hotel room. I had just got word that my uncle had died. Because I’m also really good at justifying my behaviour, I did some retail therapy.

Some of my favourite NYC retailers are super close to my hotel. Five Below (a dollar store) is two blocks away. I bought the cream-coloured plastic sandals pictured up top there, as well as two novelty t-shirts: a grey one that says “It’s too peoply out today” and a black tee that reads “I want pizza not feelings.”

Please note: the zebra print palazzos are also a recent acquisition from H&M that I bought because they have been showing up on my algorithm for months. If I stayed off the internet, maybe I wouldn’t shop so much.

I also went to Target to see which pieces from the Future Collective by Gabriella Karena Johnson were still available. I bought a dress from this line on my last visit to NYC and I love it so. There were quite a few pieces, including this knit purple vest and denim corset top, that I picked up. And they were on sale to boot. I also got a lilac jacket and a one-sleeved dress plus a pair of pin striped jeans (not pictured). I’m having a bit of buyer’s remorse about the dress though — it’s too big and I don’t have the foundation garments for a one-sleeved number. I think I will have to do something I hardly ever do — return it.