What I Found

Yard Sale season is the in full swing. We had one on Saturday. It was very quiet day but we still made a bit of a dent in the clutter.

Afterward, I took a bag of unsold clothes to the Salvation Army for donation. On the walk over, the sidewalks were overflowing with the detritus of our neighbour’s yard sales. I couldn’t help but bring a few things home with me. Like this old insulated vest (which would have been perfect in Iceland) and two super soft vintage t-shirts.

I also scored some colourful plastic kitchen utensils (including a Mepal butter dish) and hair barrettes.

image.jpegBut my big score was this beautiful bentwood chair by the Czech furniture makers Ligna. I found a picture of catalogue for a Montreal-based  importer that had the same seat in it. I’d wager its from the late 1950s or early ’60s. I am not going to attempt to refinish it for now. Too many unfinished projects in the queue already. I should make June project month.